viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2014

Bronze Age Children’s Burial Unearthed in Buckinghamshire (United Kingdom)

MARLOW, ENGLAND—Hundreds of bone fragments from the skeletons of two children have been discovered in a pit behind an antiques shop in Buckinghamshire. The children’s teeth suggest they were between ten and twelve years old at the time of death, which occurred sometime between 2140 and 1950 B.C., according to radiocarbon dates. “Among the remains was a piece of Bronze Age beaker pottery which was probably from a pot buried with the bones, as well as medieval finds from the twelfth to fourteenth centuries,” John Laker of Archaeology in Marlow told Culture 24. The early Bronze Age barrow or burial mound was disturbed during the medieval period. “It looks like people lived in Marlow well before Anglo-Saxon times and that Marlow was a desirable residence around 4,500 years ago,” Laker added. To read more about Bronze Age Britain, see "The World of Stonehenge."

Source: Archaeologoy A publication of the Archaeological Institute of America:

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