lunes, 3 de febrero de 2014

INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS: IRON AGE FORTIFIED SETTLEMENTS: Site catchment analysis, resources and territory (Zamora, Spain)

14th to 16th  May, 2014
(Zamora, Spain)

Research on fortified settlements and hill-forts has been a central topic in Iron Age studies. A period when writing was not existing and the history of the ancient civilizations was written on stone. The presence of thick walls, ditches, ramparts chevaux-des-frise, watchtowers and complex gatehouses offers a great monumentality to Iron Age hill-forts around Europe in a halfway between defence and ostentation.

Recent studies are enlarging a number of discoveries on the complexity and variety of solutions when defending and organising fortified settlements, nevertheless more and more features are detected permitting to stablish narrow links among sites beyond the differences. Environmental needs and wants were satisfied in very similar ways and the same site catchment strategies and resources control are found in large territories and distant regions.

At nowadays a number of studies on landscape perspectives and environmental approaches are being carried out by universities, scholars and investigators when researching on Iron Age hill-forts. The 1st International Congress on Iron Age Fortified Settlements intends to join many of those investigations with the aim of finding a meeting point for researchers to share their discoveries.

Poster and presentations: 20€
Atendants: 10€
Reductions: Unemployment benefit proved

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