lunes, 27 de enero de 2014

Important archeological discovery in Loulé (Portugal)

Archaeologist Alexandra Pires has revealed that the bathing complex consists not only of hot, tepid and cold bathing rooms, but that the most recent discoveries have extended to reveal cold water tanks, latrines and patio areas dating back over a thousand years.
Alexandra Pires explained how the archaeological discovery came about after the area was excavated to install a rainwater catchment tank but thanks to the discovery the tank will now have to be located in a new site.
The site of the public baths is currently being protected from the elements but the local Câmara have stated that they have plans to develop the area into a historical tourist attraction in the future.
Pires added that while the bathing complex was not as well preserved as some that can be found in Spain, that the Loulé complex stood out as as an historical landmark because of its location at the entrance to the city rather than within city grounds as with other examples in Iberia.

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