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European Association of archaelogist 20th annual meeting. 10-14 September 2014. ITU - Istambul (Turkey)

European Association of archaelogist 20th annual meeting. 10-14 September 2014. ITU - Istambul
The guidelines set by EAA for proposing sessions and round tables

1) Only EAA-members are allowed to propose and organize a session      
Thus, before or while proposing a session, please be sure to register/renew your membership to EAA by linking to http://www.e-a-a.org/membership.htm
2) No member shall be allowed to organize more than one session, although members may act as discussant or chair in other sessions.
3) Session organizers ( i.e. those submitting session proposals) should be from more than one country. ‘Country’ is defined by EAA not according to your nationality, but the location of the institution you are associated with. The session should normally have organizers from at least two countries and speakers participating to the sessions with papers should normally be from at least three countries.
Accordingly session proposals must be submitted by at least two members affiliations in different countries.
4) A regular session lasts a half day and normally consists of ten 20-minute presentations (although flexibility should be given to individual session organizers to reduce the length of time allowed for each paper in order to include more papers), including discussion, introductory and closing comments. These concern a well-defined theme and may be submitted together by the organizer of the session.
5) In proposing sessions, the session organizers are encouraged to contact other colleagues potentially interested to join by presenting papers; when submitting session proposals positive responses should be listed. Nevertheless, additional papers can be proposed after the session has been accepted.
Where insufficient papers have been proposed a session may be cancelled by the Scientific Committee after the deadline for abstract submissions. Proposals by the Scientific Committee (on the basis of abstracts submitted by members) need the approval of the organizer. Proposals by the organizer need the approval of the Scientific Committee.
6) The sessions are to be chaired by the organizers submitting proposals; the Scientific Committee may require that it is consulted if a person other than the organizer is appointed to chair the meeting.
7) Session organizers are responsible for preparing the complete program of their session and for sending the abstracts of all presentations to the local organizers for inclusion in the conference abstracts book.
8) Please note that as organizer it is your responsibility to ascertain that all presenters are registered and have fully paid for the meeting by deadline. Failure to do so may result in the removal of a presenter or even in the cancellation of your session.
9) Be aware that in the event that an insufficient number of papers are proposed or accepted for your session, it may be cancelled.


A round table is an interactive event organized around a specific and tightly focused theme. Formal presentations are kept to a minimum and normally consist only of opening and closing remarks so that an open discussion is encouraged. Round tables are to be held in small rooms, with a maximum number of 30 participants and a seating arrangement suitable for general participation in the discussion
A closed participation is by invitation only. A maximum of two closed round tables can be accommodated per annual meeting. If need be, this type of event can be held in addition to the maximum number of parallel events


Poster Session. A poster session consists of a group of posters organized around a specific theme and submitted together by an organizer. Posters will normally be displayed for the duration of the meeting, but there will be a specific time slot in the program for specially prepared sessions.


1) Session and Round Table proposal must be made electronically by linking to the Web page of the Istanbul Meeting.
2) Proposals can be made by at least two EAA members affiliated in two different countries.
3) Each proposal must include:
a) Names, titles, addresses of their affiliations, contact Email addresses
b) Indicate  Regular Session, Poster Session or Round Table
c) A text of maximum 200 words clarifying the objectives and the relevance of the session
d) Session organizers to choose 3 keywords to associate to their session’s subject. Key-words should be then requested from paper and poster proposers too.
e) If session organizers have already approached colleagues interested in the theme, ascertain to present papers, their names and Email addresses. Do consider that sessions should normally have contributors from at least three different countries.
The following six themes define the framework of the EAA Istanbul 2014 Meeting; the decision in selecting these themes was taken within the context of incorporating wide range of subjects covering all time periods on supra regional level. So as to concert with the objective of EAA, the Scientific Committee considers the first theme, “Connecting seas - across the borders” as the prime theme of the Istanbul Meeting.
1) Connecting seas - across the borders
2) Managing archaeological heritage : past and present
3) Ancient technologies in social context
4)  Environment and subsistence: the geosphere, ecosphere and human interaction
5)  Times of change: collapse and transformative impulses
6)  Retrieving and interpreting the archaeological record

Contact: info@eaa2014istanbul.org
Web Site: www.eaa2014istanbul.org

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